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“The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to bring good tidings unto the humble; He hath sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the eyes to them that are bound.” (Isaiah 61:1)



Year round, we at Karmey Chesed are dedicated to help as many people as possible, however, even pre-pandemic, we couldn't help all those in need.  Now with COVID-19 and the severe lockdowns that have been imposed (schools and stores are still closed in Israel) and the raging unemployment, the situation is so much worse.  There is so much more we could do, but we can't without your support.

With winter around the bend, we would like to help those in dire need to cover their daily basic expenses (like paying their electricity bills to heat their water and homes). 

We are driven by your incredible generosity.  Please help if you can and enable us to continue to provide less fortunate families with the things they are lacking.  It is our hope that your helping of those less fortunate will be a blessing for your health and continued success. 


Karmey Chesed wishes you an easy and meaningful Yom Kippur.

Karmey Chesed wishes you an easy and meaningful Yom Kippur. May you and your loved ones be sealed in the book of life. Wishing you a year of health, happiness, and blessing. Yom Kippur is a time for introspection. It is a day of judgement and atonement but most importantly, it is a day of forgiveness. We avoid eating and drinking, wearing leather shoes, applying lotions or creams, washing or bathing in order to distance ourselves from the physical activities of each day and focus on our spiritual self. This is a time to ask for forgiveness from others and to try to better ourselves for the new year. Before Yom Kippur, there is a Jewish custom called “kaparot” which literally means atonement. We donate a chicken or money to the needy (that they should have their holiday needs fulfilled) and ask G-d to redeem us of our sins and forgive us in exchange. Please have Karmey Chesed in mind when giving charity and let others know about all the good that Karmey Chesed does. As the new year begins, be our partner in creating a beautiful tomorrow. Your contribution will help needy families in Israel to start the new year with a smile.



Shavuot is the holiday that commemorates the single most important event in Jewish history - the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. The name "Shavuot" means weeks, in recognition of the 7 weeks of spiritual preparation leading up to the Sinai experience since Passover. Since the giving of the Torah, the Torah's ideals - unity, justice, responsibility - have become the moral basis for Western civilization.

After having just celebrated Yom Yerushalayim, we approach Shavuot with a sense of unity. Jews of all stripes and colors together with their non-Jewish friends and neighbors. We've journeyed from being individual slaves in Egypt to being a unified nation standing together at Mount Sinai as "one nation with one soul" as the whole world together experienced the divinity of G-d and received the Holy Torah.

Today, Israel must stand strong and fight nations who seek to destroy her.
Please stand united behind Israel by helping Karmey Chesed provide assistance to those most in need and show your support and encouragement to the poor and downtrodden of her people.

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2020: a COVID-19 Lag BaOmer

We are living through the Coronavirus pandemic - not unlike the plague that resulted in the death of 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva many many years ago between Passover and Lag BaOmer. The bonfires that are traditionally lit on Lag BaOmer are banned this year to prevent further spread of this deadly virus. Therefore, it is up to us to provide the light and illumination through our acts of kindness.

On Lag BaOmer we celebrate the fact that the plague stopped and the rest of Rabbi Akiva's students were spared. One of the great messages of the day is the importance of loving-kindness. It is so important that G-d himself brought a plague to teach us to treat everyone with respect.

And that lesson alone is worthy of celebration!

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72 years in our homeland!

72 years in our homeland!

Karmey Chesed wishes you and your family a wonderful Yom HaAtzmaut!
(Israel Independence Day)

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Happy Passover

We at Karmey Chesed would like to wish all of our friends and supporters a safe and happy Passover!

Pesach (Passover) - The holiday of Freedom

What is Freedom?

Freedom is going to the supermarket and buying the food you need.
Freedom is giving your child a small gift for the holiday.
Freedom is turning on the heat in the winter and a fan in the summer.
Freedom is buying comfortable shoes for a growing child.
Freedom is serving chicken at a holiday meal.

We are living through the plague of the coronavirus.
All of us are feeling it's affliction and the daily restrictions on our freedom.
We are free however to help those less fortunate than ourselves who are doubly burdened during these trying times.
Please help if you can.

Breaking Israel News: Clue that the Messiah is near!

Every day, numerous people contact Karmey Chesed for help. According to the latest statistics on poverty in Israel, there are approximately 1.8 million Israelis living under the poverty line. This number includes an untold amount of working poor - people who are doing their best to make ends meet and simply cannot.

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Happy Purim

Wishing a Happy Purim to all of our Dear Friends and Supporters!

Happy Purim

When the Jewish month of Adar enters, happiness is increased

Purim is a festive Jewish Holiday that celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish People from their enemies as written in the biblical Book of Esther. Purim is celebrated on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar. It is called "Purim" because the villain of the story, Haman, cast the "pur" (lot) against the Jews yet failed to destroy them. We celebrate Purim by fulfilling the 3 main mitzvot (commandments) of the day: Seudat Purim (partaking in a lavish meal), Mishloach Manot (sending packages of food to others) and Matanot Li'evyonim (giving charity to the poor).

This year, we ask you to help those less fortunate celebrate Purim with simcha (happiness) and dignity. While we sing and dance, partake in parties and wear costumes, let's stop to remember those who struggle for the basics.

Karmey Chesed - building Israel one smile at a time.

Because on Purim, there should be a smile on the faces of all


Tu B'Shvat- The New Year for the Trees

Tu B'Shvat- The New Year for the Trees
How man is likened to a tree

"For man is a tree of the field" (Deuteronomy 20:19)

Tu B'Shvat.

On Tu B'Shvat (the 15th of the month of Shvat), trees stop absorbing water from the ground and begin to draw nourishment from their sap. Like a tree, humans need basic elements in order to survive:
-good soil / solid home base to plant one's roots
-Water to hydrate
-Fire / Sunlight / warmth

Through its roots, the tree absorbs its nutrients from the soil to enable it to blossom and grow. The deeper and stronger the roots, the more it is able to maintain stability against harsh environmental conditions surrounding it.

So too man. We establish roots with our friends, family, community and workplace, and use these roots to sustain ourselves. For some, these roots are deep and strong and can withstand even the most inclement weather. For others, their roots are shallow and weak either because of their environment, or because they didn't have enough water, air and sunlight to grow deep and strong. And for others, their roots were suddenly and cruelly ripped from the ground.

Trees, like humans are givers Trees give fruit, shade, wood and aesthetic beauty. They provide animals with food, homes, and a place to hide from predictors. Actually, other than taking nutrients from the soil to sustain itself, the tree takes nothing and gives everything.

As we move from winter to spring and the first buds appear on the almond tree, we celebrate the tree, we celebrate ourselves and we celebrate a chance for new beginnings and opportunities.Please help us to help those in need plant solid roots so they too can stand strong!

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Illuminate the darkness....

Chanukah, the festival of light

Two thousand years ago, the Greek king Antiyochus waged war against the Jewish nation. During the festival of Chanukah, we celebrate the miracles that occurred when G-d saved us from annihilation and allowed the one undestroyed jug of oil - meant to burn for one night - to burn for eight nights instead.

As people, we are given the unique ability to illuminate the world with our actions. One small good deed can light up the world of another.

Throughout Chanukah, Karmey Chesed is busy bringing light into the lives of those living in the darkness of poverty and despair. Through providing food, furniture and financial help Karmey Chesed illuminates the world one family at a time.
Every night of Chanukah we add another light, please add another family into your heart and light up their world.

Only 9 more days until we ring in the new year. All donations made before December 31, 2019 are eligible for a full tax deduction (501c3) for the 2019 fiscal year.

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A Pre Yom Kippur appeal

Karmey Chesed wishes you an easy and meaningful Yom Kippur.
Wishing you a year of health, happiness, and blessing.
Yom Kippur is a time for introspection, a "Day of Atonement," a day in which we hope to be cleansed of all our sins. On Yom Kippur we avoid eating or drinking, wearing leather shoes, applying lotions or creams, washing or bathing. Candles are lit before the onof this holy day, and it is observed like Shabbat. This is a time to ask for forgiveness from others and try to better ourselves for the new year.

On the days leading up to Yom Kippur, there is a custom to do "Kaparot" to redeem us of our sins. One can do Kaparot with a chicken or with money. That money is then given to charity (Tzedaka).

Please have Karmey Chesed in mind when giving charity, and remember all the good that we do to help others in need. Please inform others that Karmey chesed is an organization in which one can fulfill Pidyon Kaparot.

As the new year begins, be a partner in creating a beautiful tomorrow.
Your contribution will help needy families in Israel to start the new year with a smile.

Check out the latest Breaking Israel News story about Karmey Chesed:

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Happy and Sweet New Year

Karmey Chesed wishes all of our supporters a שנה טובה ומתוקה, a Happy and Sweet New Year filled with only joy and blessings for you and your loved ones!

Jewish tradition teaches that Rosh Hashana is the day where the entire world stands in judgement before G-d.
Our sages teach that "repentance, prayer, and charity remove an evil decree". Repentance and prayer help one develop his connection to G-d, but how does charity help ensure a positive judgment?
Tzedaka (charity) comes from the root word, tzedek, which means justice. It means doing the right thing - that which is fair and just.

There is an element of selfishness when a person sins, since he is giving his personal desires precedence over his religious, moral, and social principles. We are therefore advised to give tzedaka, thereby training ourselves to focus on the needs of others instead of our personal needs and desires. Through the act of giving tzedaka, we are in essence teaching ourselves to stay true to our values and ideals, which is in itself a form of repentance from doing that which only focuses on ourselves.
Please take this opportunity to help someone else in need.
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Wishing all our supporters a wonderful fall

Today is Rosh Chodesh Elul - the first of the hebrew month Elul. Summers' end marks the return to school and preparations for the holidays which begin next month. We at Karmey Chesed are also busy preparing for the new year. We are taking a look at ourselves to see where we can improve our services and programs to further alleviate the difficult burdens that are carried by so many of our brothers and sisters.

Karmey Chesed is dedicated to help as many people as possible. Preparations are underway for our holiday food basket distribution as well as special grants to especially needy families and individuals. We do our best to discern the needs of our beneficiaries and customize the gift to best suit their individual needs. For one it may be food vouchers to the local supermarket; For another, new shoes for the children; For a third, an interest-free loan to pay off old debt; and for a fourth, a repairman to fix the leak in the ceiling at no charge.

We cannot thank our supporters and volunteers enough for their dedication and commitment. Without their contributions, we would be unable to continue our charitable work. We send a blessing to everyone that they should continue to merit being a source of blessing to those in need.

Help to do a good deed, we count on you! Please share this email to help spread our name, and be a part of the giving!


Tisha B'Av

Tisha b'Av, the 9th day of the month of Av (July 10, 2019 but observed this year on Sunday, July 11th 2019), is the saddest day of the Jewish year. On this day in history, both the first and second Holy Temples were destroyed, the Jewish people were expelled from Spain, the great city of Beitar was captured by the Romans who killed tens of thousands of Jews and World War I began.

This day is marked each year by fasting, sitting on the floor and reading lamentations (Jeremiah's poetic lament over the destruction of Jerusalem and the First Temple) while maintaining a general atmosphere of mourning.

This year also marks the 14th anniversary of the expulsion of the Jewish Settlements of Gush Katif, which took place right after Tisha b'Av. The expulsion began on August 13, 2005 when the Gush Katif region was closed to non-residents, and culminated on August 22, 2005 when the residents of the last settlement, Netzarim, were evicted. Now known as Gaza, the land that was once green and thriving has been overtaken by hate and destruction.

Throughout the year, Karmey Chesed is involved with helping evacuees of Gush Katif who, as a result of the expulsion, are to this day living under very difficult circumstances. This Tisha b'Av, Karmey Chesed remembers Gush Katif and its former residents.

Please read the article below:
Don't Forget the Gush Katif Expulsion!

8,500 people lived and worked in Gush Katif, mainly in agriculture, with hundreds of acres of hothouses that provided a large portion of the country's crops and flowers. Every single resident was forced out, with their homes and communities destroyed during the withdrawal.

Many former residents are still in dire need of help, both material and emotional, but with the passage of time, their plight has faded from public awareness. Yet a large number of them remain even today, 14 years later, without permanent homes or steady income.

Yehudah Gross, who lived in Gush Katif for 23 years before the expulsion, explained that it was "the center of our lives." He and his wife raised their five children there. "Everything was there - our schools, our businesses, shops, banks, employment."

Their belongings packed up and shipped away, often to locked containers where they remained inaccessible for months or even years, displaced families were put onto buses and sent out to hotels, tent cities and other temporary housing all over the country.

They were "uprooted and tossed to the wind," said Segal. "Most people had no idea where they were going. They were dispersed all over the place."

Many of the residents were relocated to flimsily-built caravans."They were thrown up, ignoring building codes," said Segal. "People lived in these boxes for years and years, and people still live there." Today, 14 years later, approximately 20 percent of evacuees remain in these caravans as they wait for permanent housing.

"Someone aged 50 or 60 who had farmed a certain crop on a certain piece of land for 30 years cannot start a new farm at their age," said Segal. "And who will hire them?"

Yulis said that the poverty experienced by many evacuees due to the loss of their livelihoods prevented them from rebuilding their lives. "There were people who took out mortgages and loans because they couldn't feed their children," he said. With more pressing needs, they were never able to put money aside to build a permanent home.

There also remain a number of evacuees who were not able to cope with the emotional trauma of the disengagement. Several of the residents spoke about friends and neighbors whose spirits simply never recovered. Sinking into depression, some succumbed to illness and early death.

"These were hard working people who had their own businesses," Karmey Chesed founder and director Aryeh Weingarten told Breaking Israel News. "Many were farmers who proudly worked and produced in their own fields. They would help others in need and now things have turned around and they now, still, need help. Many of them do not have homes. Most people from Gush Katif built their own homes, which were destroyed when they were kicked out by the government."


The 17th of Tammuz

Today, the 17th of the hebrew month of Tammuz is observed as a fast day commemorating five tragic events in Jewish History. One of those events was when, during the time of the Second Temple, Titus and his legions breached the walls surrounding the city of Jerusalem leading to the destruction of the temple three weeks later on the 9th of the month of Av.

This is the beginning of a three week period (referred to as "Bain HaMaitzarim" or "between the narrow straits") of mourning which ends on the 9th of Av, the day that both the first and second Holy Temples were destroyed. During this period, we lesson our rejoicing. We refrain from listening to music, dancing, taking pleasure trips and from taking haircuts or shaving. Mourning restrictions intensify in the week leading up to the 9th of Av, a day of fasting and intense mourning.

Many people in Israel live in a constant state of fear and mourning. Their daily struggle for survival results in tremendous suffering.

A fast day is not only a sad day, but is also a day of opportunity. As we await the redemption, and with it the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, please join us in wiping the tears from their eyes and the fear from their hearts so that they too can dance.
Please share this with friends and family members who would like to do their part in strenghtening Israel and her people.


A Family in Distress

For the five Ben David children, life has not been easy. Their father is wheelchair bound, and requires assistance for many basic activities. Their mother, although her love for her children is boundless, has difficulty running her home due limited intelligence and various special needs. Due to their parents limitations, social workers have become involved to make sure that the home is functioning and that the children are being taken care of. But despite all the intervention, the home lacks basic necessities and furniture. Karmey Chesed was made aware of Ben David's situation and volunteers were dispatched to supply them with some basic furniture and appliances- a refrigerator and washing machine; beds and mattresses. In addition to the gifts of these basic furnishings and appliances that filled the family's heart with happiness, the family has also began to recieve weekly food packages sponsored by Karmey Chesed.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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Shopping Spree

Throughout the winter, Karmey Chesed has been hard at work taking care of underprivileged families that others have forgotten about. All Jews throughout the world pray facing Israel, and specifically Jerusalem. Even in the diaspora, Israel is on the forfront of the minds of Jews of all different types. But for those who do have the privilege of coming to live here in Israel, it is not always easy to adjust. A different language, culture and laws, many find the adjustment difficult at best. Recently, Karmey Chesed was put in touch with a family from Cholon, recent immigrants from the Ukraine. Due to accrued debts, their apartment, car and furniture was repossessed, leaving the family with absolutely nothing. With no place to call home, they moved in to one room in the home of a kind elderly couple. Although extremely grateful, the cramped living conditions were less than ideal. And even more problematic, was that the parents had no way money to buy food for their two young children. The young mother was distraught, fearing that the malnutrition would cause her children permanent damage. In her desperation she was put in touch with Karmey Chesed. Immediately, Karmey Chesed told her to go buy whatever she needed at the SuperMarket and that Karmey Chesed would foot the bill.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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To Save a Family

After years of severe financial difficulty, the tension in the Tzadok household was at its maximum. Struggling to stay afloat and support their seven children, the pressure of living under the weight of mounting debts was causing Sara to break down emotionally. One day, she lost it. She demanded a divorce from her husband of over a decade, and even started talking about suicide. Her husband, understanding that her emotional state was the result of the extreme financial pressure, turned in desperation to Karmey Chesed for help. Always looking to help, Karmey Chesed provided them with some financial assistance. But even more significantly, provided natural based, and expensive, anti-anxiety pills to help return Sara to a state of equilibrium. Some time later, Sara's husband called to express his gratitude. Sara was once again functioning as a wife and mother, and their house had returned to being a home. As the family was just about to fall apart, Karmey Chesed had stepped in to literally save a family.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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It's Cold in Here!

Yuval came to Israel from Etheopia 13 years ago with his pregnant mother and two sisters. His father remained in Ethiopia and has not been in touch with the family.
Although they do not regret leaving Ethiopia, the adjustment to life in Israel was hard. Yuval's mother, very much alone and doing her best to support her small children, was not able to make ends meet.
Yuval is now a grown man serving in the IDF. His dream is to get a proffessional certificate so that he can support his wonderful mother and siblings. But in the meantime, Yuval and his family live in severe poverty. There is not warm cloths or heating. Windows of there small rundown apartment in Neve Yosef are broken, allowing the cold air free run of their home.
Karmey Chesed has provided them with funds to repair their windows and buy warm cloths, and furnishings to turn their small abode into a home.

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Paving the Road back to Stability

Unable to meet their mortgage payments, Yaakov, Rivka and their eight children were in danger of being thrown out onto the street. Desperate to save their family from being homeless, Yaakov managed to arrange for various loans and thus managed to keep the family afloat. Yaakov's medical condition had prevented him from keeping a steady job and despite his best efforts, the family had been floundering. Recently, Yaakov has been more stable medically and found himself suitable employment. His wife, Rivka, has been taking courses so that she too can contribute financially. But their past loans still hang heavy on their shoulders. Everywhere they go- the supermarket, the doctor's office- creditors approach demanding payment. They felt unable to move forward and rehabilitate their family, despite their best efforts, due to the repercussions of those difficult, black years.

Hearing of their painful situation, Karmey Chesed quickly became involved taking them for financial counseling and running a special campaign to help raise the funds needed to pay back their loans and provide for their family. When the check came, Karmey Chesed even drove Yaakov straight to the bank so the funds could be used immediately. 

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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Returning Home

In Israel, there are many olim who have chosen to leave everything behind in their country of origin to return home to the Jewish State. Although they have fulfilled the dream of returning to live amongst their brothers in their homeland, the change is hard and there are many challenges, both financially and emotionally, that are part of the package.
In one of the Southern communities in Israel, there is a group of young men, mostly originating from Russia, that are currently renting an apartment together. Due their status as recent immigrants, they have not yet fully acclimated to Israeli life and culture and are still struggling. Karmey Chesed was able to provide them with furnishings for their apartment, along with a generous dose of support and encouragement, thus assisting them as they embark on this challenging, yet immensely rewarding journey.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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Warmth for the Soul

At the end of a long day, children from all over come home excited to share stories from their day over a warm, nutritious meal.  But in the home of the Shimoni family, there is a very different picture.  When the family's five children return from school, there is no one to greet them, and no warm meal to nourish them after their long day.  Their sick mother is in the hospital, and their father stands vigil next to her bed through days and nights.  The house is in disarray, and there is no one to care for the children.

When Karmey Chesed heard of their plight, the organization arranged for a group of women to volunteer to cook for the family throughout the week, providing warm and nourishing meals for their bodies, and thus returning some warmth to their souls.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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And the couple rejoiced

Cries of "Mazal Tov", music and smiling faces. The new bride and groom glow in the happiness of having found each other. Only beneath the smiles, there is the ever-preworry- how will they manage to put together their new home? Both bride and groom come from poor homes, lacking the most basic of necessities. Their parents would not even be able to dream of properly setting up the new couple.
Through the help of Karmey Chesed, a short time before the wedding, volunteers came to their rented apartment baring furniture and electrical appliances, turning into a home.
With the help of Karmey Chesed, the young couple was able to stand under the wedding canopy with a full and happy heart.

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through her people.
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Remember the Children

When a family has a child with a learning disability, it can be extremely draining both financially and emotionally. Therapy sessions, private tutors, specialists who claim that their method will be the one that works; What parent would not do anything and everything possible to help a struggling child? Now, multiply that by four. Karmey Chesed was recently put in touch with a family of nine children, three of whom suffer from dyslexia and one who has various other issues. The family had already been in a difficult financial situation, but the special needs of their children were pushing them over the edge. Karmey Chesed brought them various food items to feed their bodies, but also did not forget to bring the children toys and games to feed the souls of these children, suffering so much due to their learning disabilities.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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A Place to Call Home

Meet Mordechai and Sylvia, parents of 7 wonderful children living in central Israel.  Life was always a bit of a struggle, but somehow they always managed to get by.  Until about 2 years ago, when, due to various circumstances their financial situation took a nose dive and since then they have been drowning in debts and general financial hardship.   But, just when they thought it could not get any worse, it did.  Their landlord, fed up with their delinquent payments, if they managed to pay at all, removed all of their possessions from their rental apartment and threw them out onto the street. Furniture was ruined, and they had nowhere to call home.  Enter Karmey Chesed.  With just one phone call, they received fund to help get themselves up again along with a smile and words of encouragement.  

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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For a Sweet New Year

Red notces for unpaid bills have been known to appear on their door.  A proud, but struggling family manages to stretch food- managing with only one chicken per week to feed a family of eight.  As the Jewish New Year approached, without a way to buy food for the holidays, they turned to Karmey Chesed in sheer desperation. Karmey Chesed was able to provide them with funds to help cover the costs of the holiday season, giving them the oppertunity to start the New Year with a smile.

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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A Sweet New Year

In honor of Rosh HaShana, Karmey Chesed is proud to be providing tens of thousands of shekels worth of food and other holiday necessities to over 200 needy families of Gush Katif Refugees.
Distribution will take place in Nitzan, Ashkelon, Ain Tzurim, Yad Binyamin, Miflasim and Karmia.
What a great way to start the new year!

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.  
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For the Newest Addition

Every new mother wants to be able to dress her baby in something cute and soft. In Israel, families with many children struggle to feed their family and keep a roof over their head. Cloths are passed down from sibling to sibling, and the younger children often wear worn out, stained old clothing. This week, Karmey Chesed was proud to be able to provide decent baby cloths for a family with many children who could not afford new clothing for their new addition. Some food items were also packaged with their care parcel uplift their spirits during what should be a joyous time.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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An Apartment Upgrade

For two and a half years, the Green family lived in a small apartment of about 645 square feet (60 square meters). Living in such cramped quarters would be challenging for any family with a lot of small children, but it was especially challenging for the Green's whose 7 year old son was severely handicapped and confined to a wheelchair. Maneuvering the wheelchair around their cramped living area was a constant challenge. But if that was not enough, their small apartment was located on the second story of a building with no elevator. Each morning and afternoon, getting their handicapped son to his school bus necessitated carrying him up and down those two flights of stairs. As the child grew, this task became more and more physically challenging. Mr. Green desperately wished to relocate his family to a larger apartment, but his salary was just enough to cover the families living expenses and he was unable to put together the funds to do so. When Karmey Chesed was made aware of the family's situation, a sum of money was put together for them that enabled them to move to a larger apartment on the ground floor. A little more breathing space, no more shlepping their wheelchair bound son up and down two flights of stairs- their burden a little lighter. They moved to their new residence about two weeks ago, and still cannot stop calling to thank the organizations founder for the tremendous change for the better in their lives.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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For the Children

After her husband left, S was left alone with four small children to raise. In Israel, even families with two decent incomes often have a hard time making ends meet, but as a single mother with the financial burden resting solely on her shoulders, S was struggling to provide even the basic necessities of life for her children. The bed that the four children shared was broken, but with barely enough money in the house to cover food and clothing, S just could not even think about providing her children with a decent place to sleep. When Karmey Chesed was made aware of the families situation they quickly stepped in to provide the children with a comfortable sleeping accommodation. The children can sleep well at night thanks to their new bed, and the knowledge that someone out there cares about them.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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Large Scale Giving

This week it was our honor to help the needy on a large scale. A soup kitchen, located in the Jerusalem area turned to us in desperation when their refrigerator broke down. Providing meals for the hungry is always a daunting task, but without a working refrigerator it would be impossible to provide meals to the needy individuals who were counting on the soup kitchen for their hot meal of the day. Within a short time, Karmey Chesed located and delivered a working refrigerator that suited the soup kitchen's needs.

Karmey Chesed:  Supporting Israel through helping her people.  
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Can this Story be True?

Sometimes we read stories of families that are so sad that they almost don't sound like they can be true. This past week, Karmey Chesed became involved with a family that fits that description. A father of a large family, son of Holocaust survivors who suffers from depression as a result of his childhood experiences as the son of survivors, a sufferer of diabetes, also recently had a mild heart attack, and is also has a few children with special needs. Understandably, he is having a hard time providing for his family and, in addition to all of his other troubles, is also struggling financially. Karmey Chesed was able to provide the family with food, financial assistance and just as importantly, emotional and psychological support.

Karmey Chesed:  Supporting Israel through helping her people.  
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Creating Smiles

Karmey Chesed recently learned of the plight of a single mother, am immigrant from Ethiopia, who was stricken with kidney disease. Due to her unfortunate circumstances, the children had been sleeping on a old, broken bed, unable to afford even a second hand bed in decent condition. In addition to providing the family with a brand new bed, which they received just yesterday, they were also provided with financial support to help ease their burden and bring back the smile to their faces.

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel though helping her people.
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Water is Life

Water is life. Without it, a person cannot survive. We use it for drinking, washing, cleaning etc. This past week, a family with young children turned to us for help as their water had been turned off since they were unable to pay the bill for a number of months. Karmey Chesed gave them the funds necessary to have their water restored, and realizing that if their water was turned off due to lack of payment, there was certainly other things lacking in the household. After finding about a bit about the families situation, Karmey Chesed also provided them with a large food package as well as other basic appliances that they were lacking.

Karmey Chesed:  Supporting Israel through helping her people.

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Even the Youngest Child can Give

Even the youngest child can be trained to have a opened heart and a giving hand. The other day, the 12 year old daughter of the founder of Karmey Chesed, R' Aryeh Weingarten, came hold and told her father about a young girl in her class whose family was going through a difficult time financially and emotionally. The child's mother had recently had a few cardiac episodes, and a divorced older daughter had just moved back home. The financial situation in the home was difficult before and was only compounded by these recent difficulties. And during this challenging time, their younger daughter was turning 12, bat mitzvah age. Under the circumstances, the family could not afford to celebrate this major milestone in their daughters life appropriately. Rabbi Wiengarten's daughter's heart went out to her young friend, and after talking to her father and checking out the family situation, it was decided that Karmey Chesed will be making her a bat mizvah party. The event, although modest, will mark this significant milestone in her life in a way that she and her family will forever remember and be grateful for.

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.

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A Place to Rest their Heads

The "S" family lives in a small, crowded caravan due to their inability to afford proper housing. The family lacks basic furnishings, and the children sleep on blankets on the floor due to their lack of beds. When Karmey Chesed learned of their plight, volunteers brought them beds and mattresses for all of the children through the organizations "Green Charity" program. Finally, the children can get a good night sleep and thus, concentrate on their studies during the day!

Karmey Chesed- Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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And the Bride will Rejoice

A wedding is supposed to be a joy filled time for a new bride and groom, but when the bride comes from a needy family there is the constant shadow of worry. Electrical appliances, dishes, will they manage to put together a new home? Through Karmey Chesed's unique green charity program, one such needy bride recently had a excellent quality second hand washing machine delivered and installed free of charge.

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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A Family in Need

Boris came from Russia to Israel to make a better life for his family. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan and due to a medical condition he has been unable to work and found himself, his wife and four children without a roof over their heads. The family has no stable home and has taken to sleeping on benches in local synagogues. Karmey Chesed recently learned of Boris's plight and has begun to provide financial and, just as importantly, emotional assistance. Donations of food and clothing will also be provided to the family in the days to come.

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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When a Hero Needs Saving

Sometimes even our heroes need help.
The IDF soldiers that serve to protect our country are also regular people that are also susceptible to "regular people" difficulties. One such former IDF soldier, a young husband, was having difficulty providing for his new wife resulting in tension at home. Karmey Chesed not only provided him with food and clothing, but also provided funds for marital counseling to help this young couple get back on track.

Karmey Chesed:  Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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When the Tables are Turned

No one is immune to falling on hard times-
In an unfortunate twist of fate a father of seven, who himself was once involved in helping the needy, recently came to the point that he himself was forced to turn to Karmey Chesed for assistance. In addition to providing financial assistance, Karmey Chesed has assisted him in his quest to find a new job, and is also involved with providing emotional support during this trying and difficult time.

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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Supporting the Widow

In a conversation with one of our volunteers, he was telling me about 2 different widows with large families that he recently helped through Karmey Chesed. Both are struggling, but too embarrassed to ask for help. Our volunteer unobtrusively went over to their homes, looked around to see what they needed, and then brought over some much needed furniture and provisions. What a wonderful way to do chessed! (acts of kindness)

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people.
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A smile back on her face - literally!

Raising eight children alone in the shadow of her husband's incapacitating illness, Sarah was suffering on all fronts. Money for much needed groceries, medicine and heating was completely nonexistent. Who could possibly come to her aid and pay for all these daily essentials in the bitter cold winter?

To compound the problem, Sarah a young woman in her 30's, suffered from genetic dental problems. Her extensive tooth loss caused her severe shame, and she was too embarrassed to go out in public. She spent hours crying over her plight, knowing that dental implants was not only too costly but completely out of the question when her family couldn't afford milk.

When other organizations turned her down, Karmey Chessed stepped in to help Sarah. After providing monetary assistance for the family's most basic needs, Karmey Chessed surprised Sarah with a gift of dental care, covering the entire cost of her much needed dentures. While the funds for groceries, medicine, and utilities brought joy to her home, the dental care definitely put a smile back on her face!

Karmey Chesed:  Supporting Israel through helping her people.

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"Mommy, I'm thirsty!"

A small run-down apartment, with peeling paint and crumbling walls housed the eleven members of the Katz family. Although at one time they had been financially stable, their lot took a turn for the worse and business was bad. Today, nine children filled the home, but there was no income there was no funds to pay the bills.

The electricity had already been turned off when Moshe, one of the younger children, walked over to the kitchen sink. With no food in the house, he learned to fill up on water to quench his hunger. He reached over to turn on the faucet and let out a moan - there is no water either. The municipality finally gave in to its threats and cut off the water.

Learning about this dire situation, an emergency fundraising campaign was underway and Karmey Chessed collected close to $1500 for the Katz family. The funds were used to pay the family's utility bills, restoring electricity and water. Karmey Chessed toured the home and discovered how many basic household appliances were missing. The organization purchased a much needed washing machine, and stocked the fridge and pantry with food.

Karmey Chesed:  Supporting Israel through helping her people.

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A Cry in the Dark

Until they moved into a slightly larger dwelling, Dina's three room apartment was packed with ten children. Unfortunately, the move did little to lessen the suffering of this needy family.

In Dina's attempt to save her children from starvation, a ten thousand shekel debt was accrued at the local grocery store. But the generosity of the grocery store owner wore thin and when he no longer allowed Dina to purchase food on credit, the cupboards were bare.
A cry is heard in the darkness - the electric company cut off the family's electric supply. Pitifully, checks return regularly due to insufficient funds. One of the children suffers from a bent back due to severe malnutrition, and this little girl requires $100,000 corrective surgery. Who can Dina turn to in her time of anguish?

Karmey Chessed is the only organization that can lift this needy family out of the debts of thier despair. The exorbitant sums were immediately collected and food baskets and volunteers are sent regularly, continuing to help Dina and her children. Thanks to Karmei Chessed, Dina and her family has finally begun to see light in their lives.

Karmey Chesed: Supporting Israel through helping her people.

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