Parents who do not have sufficient means to provide for their growing families can ill-afford proper fitting clothing for themselves or their children. Part of the solution is various Karmey Chessed clothing drives held throughout the year. At these drives large quantities of gently used clothing are collected for later distribution. These drives have proved to be the most cost effective way of providing clothing to a large number of needy families. The clothing accomplish more then merely dressing the needy families; it gives them back their dignity.

More affluent families in Israel continuously and generously donate clothing. Our volunteers must sort them, hang them, arrange them by size, and help identify the families who are in the greatest need. Those who desperately need these clothes, should not have to go through piles of clothes in garbage bags, but should receive the gifts with dignity.

Your donation to our clothing distribution program can help cover the basic costs of ensuring that recipients are given fresh, clean clothing.


All donations in Israel to Karmey Chesed are tax deducible and have clause 46 status. Registered Non-Profit Number 580431138
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