IDF Soldiers Fight Unseen Battle for Day-to-Day Survival

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News
8/4/2021 6:51:43 AM

When we think of Israeli soldiers, we tend to think of brave warriors fighting in the field. However, for lone soldiers (immigrants to Israel without family in the country), soldiers from dysfunctional or poverty-stricken homes or those estranged from their families, their battles are also fought for day-to-day survival.

That is where the Karmey Chesed charity organization steps in. Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, not only tirelessly helps everyone he possibly can, but gives out his personal phone number and home address in order to ensure that needy and lonely people know that someone cares and is doing their utmost to ease their troubles.


By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz , Israel 365 News

A rabbi who spends his days helping the underprivileged used his special insight to interpret current events, most notable recent cases of massive flooding, and, of course, the pandemic, as parts of the two-stage end-of-days process that will culminate in the Third Temple.



A rabbi in Israel has analyzed the results of the US election and found a startling connection between the Democratic candidate and a pathway to the Final Redemption. Of course, this requires a bit of explanation as some paths are rockier than others. Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten has been working his entire life to helping others, leading a unique charitable organization. As a young man, he longed for the Messiah so deeply that he penned a prayer to bring the Messiah. Millions of copies of the prayer have been printed and can be found tucked inside prayer books around the world. It is through this lens of Redemption that he viewed the extraordinary results of the US presidential elections. He described his remarkable conclusions in a Hebrew-language video.

Not Just Trump: Mainstream Media trying to Target King David

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz ,

A recent article in The New Yorker described Biblical King David as the head of a "rebel gang" lording over a "neglected chiefdom of pastoralists and outlaws", making a living by collecting "protection money" from the locals.

Lessons in Compassion

By Rachel Pinkesz,

Yearly class outings may not seem to be very high up in the list of priorities for an emergency relief organization, but Karmey Chesed sees things differently. When a child attending a welfare residential program lacked the funds that would allow him to attend the yearly class trip, the concerned program director knew where to turn to for help. Karmey Chesed immediately processed the request for financial assistance, thus affording this child the chance to partake in a joy most children take for granted.

America has Officially Entered a Civil War it won't Recover from Hidden Rabbis Warn

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz,

All of the US is in shock as rioting continues into the eighth straight day all around the country. At least 14 people have been killed, black and white, police and civilian. Under such dire conditions, Breaking Israel News turned to two respected rabbis to explain the prophetic sources and implications of the events.

Hidden Clue in Zohar: This Year Will See Messiah

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz ,

"And Hashem shall be king over all the earth; in that day there shall be one Hashem with one name." Zechariah 14:9 (The Israel BibleTM)

Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten has been working his entire life to helping others, leading a unique charitable organization. As a young man, he longed for the Messiah so deeply that he penned a prayer to bring the Messiah. Millions of copies of the prayer have been printed and can be found tucked inside prayer books around the world.

Rabbi Weingarten was studying the Zohar from the weekly Torah portion of Vayera (Genesis 18:1-22:24) when he came across a surprising statement.

Rabbi: Three Elections are Preparation for the Resurrection of the Dead

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz ,

A rabbi who has dedicated his life to acts of lovingkindness revealed an obscure teaching that links Israel's current political impasse with Moses and the final divine Davidic dynasty that precedes the resurrection of the dead. He also reveals the unlikely key that Moses gave to the Jews to unlock the final gate that released them from Egypt.

He Who Sows in Tears Shall Reap in Song, (Psalms, 126:5) One Family's Story of Salvation

By Rachel Pinkesz,

It was almost seven years ago that Karmey Chesed received an urgent plea for help. A large household was struggling against the ravages of poverty brought on by months of unemployment. Another home living the rampant Israeli statistic. Due to progressive illness, the father had lost his job a few months prior, and in spite of his best efforts, was unable to procure work. The repercussions were all too soon to follow. Electric bills went unpaid, debts mounted, and, most starkly, food staples became scarce. In addition to these unfathomable developments, the family was already raising 4 children suffering various degrees of chronic health issues. Extensive medical and rehabilitative efforts to maximize the children's functioning were the norm long before this financial crisis had in. Needless to say, the situation was now dire.

Ten Days of Awe: The Key to Unlocking Moses Final Prayer for Redemption

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz ,

A rabbi's life ambition to see the redemption has led him to compose a prayer that is now being read around the world and to establish a charity organization that is opening the gates of heaven.

Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten's yearning for redemption that began when he was a young boy culminated in him composing a prayer to bring the redemption.

Is Bubonic Plague Predicted in L.A a Sign of Zechariahs Prophecy in 2019?

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz , Breaking Israel News

As for those peoples that warred against Yerushalayim, Hashem will smite them with this plague: Their flesh shall rot away while they stand on their feet; their eyes shall rot away in their sockets; and their tongues shall rot away in their mouths. Zechariah 14:12

$700 Quintillion Gold Asteroid to be Mined by NASA Paving the Way for Messiah to Arrive

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz , Breaking Israel News

When scientists announced the discovery of a "golden asteroid", their interests were in how this could open up the field of asteroid mining. But people who look to the heavens for more spiritual rewards saw different, more Redemptive implications for the discovery.

Jewish charity targeted by online harassment campaign

By , Arutz Sheva

An online bullying campaign targeting an Israeli Jewish charity site scored a major win recently, when Facebook shuttered the charity's page, following a wave of reports claiming the charity page had "abusive" content.

Arabs Wage Online Bullying Campaign Targeting Jewish Charity

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz ,

Arabs recently used online bullying to harm a charity institution and Breaking Israel News readers can help fight back with the click of a button.

Karmey Chesed's name literally means ‘vineyards of loving-kindness.' The head of the organization Aryeh Weingarten tries to live up to the name. Not only does he collect money for charity but he also distributes food, arrange for emergency housing, help families pay their utility bills, and help IDF soldiers. He also collects furniture and appliances people are ready to replace and redistributes them to needy families. Though based in Israel, his organization is not politically motivated.

Don't Forget the Gush Katif Expulsion!

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8,500 people lived and worked in Gush Katif, mainly in agriculture, with hundreds of acres of hothouses that provided a large portion of the country's crops and flowers. Every single resident were forced out, with their homes and communities destroyed during the withdrawal.

R' Aryeh Weingarten's Maximum Response for Beitar

By , The Yeshiva World

At my father's levayah, one of my brothers related a late-night conversation with him, a"h. He told my brother that as a young man he had wanted to give away all his money. The guilt feelings of living in comfort when others had nothing overwhelmed him.

BIN Exclusive: Secret Story of the Prayer for Redemption Taking Over the World

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz,

A prayer to hasten the Messiah is circling the globe, with millions of copies transferred from hand to hand, one copy at a time. For the first time, Breaking Israel News reveals the story of the remarkable prayer, how the prayer's roots were almost lost 200 years ago and recently rediscovered, and provides an English translation of the prayer.

The man who composed the prayer prefers to remain anonymous but, at the urging of Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David's Tomb on Mount Zion and a member of the Sanhedrin, he agreed to tell the remarkable story of the prayer. Rabbi Berger is convinced that along with the prayer, charity is the final key to bringing redemption. As such, he and the composer of the prayer are working in close conjunction with a very special charity organization.

Hidden Holy Men Reveal Final Key to Open Redemption This Passover

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz ,

Rabbi Yosef Berger cites a 1,000-year-old collection of teachings from Elijah the Prophet as well as proclamations from hidden righteous men in Jerusalem to reveal how the redemption was brought in Egypt and how that can be replayed next week during the Passover holiday.

Rabbi Berger, the rabbi of King David's Tomb on Mount Zion, consulted with several tzaddikim (righteous men) whose identities are known to only a few. As a direct descendant of King David, a member of the Sanhedrin, and as the son of the Misholtz Rebbe (a spiritual leader with thousands of followers) Rabbi Berger is in close contact with these holy men. They all assured him that the upcoming Passover Seder night has enormous potential to open the doors to Geula (redemption).

All Around Support

By Karmey Chesed,

The Jacobs were a young family with five children. To the outside world they projected an image of happiness and stability but inside their home things were a different story. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs' simply weren't earning enough to cover their family's basic expenses and their home bespoke of neglect and want. Basic items like a functioning oven and fridge, closets, tables, and chairs, seemed like luxury items to the Jacobs who were simply were making do with far, far less.

To Mr. Jacobs, life didn't seem like it was worth living. The pressure was enormous, and the feeling of ineptitude so all-encompassing, that Mr. Jacobs considered leaving it all behind. The idea of suicide seemed like a viable way out.

Enter Karmey Chessed, Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten's home-based tzeddakah organization. Though the organization is small in terms of overhead, the scope of its performance is all-inclusive. Karmey Chessed provided the Jacobs with basic furniture and electric items, supplying them with that which they were most lacking first.

Slowly, the Jacob family rehabilitated itself. With Mr. Jacob's emotional state so fragile Karmey Chessed realized that they'd have to provide him with emotional support. The emotional and financial assistance combined worked wonders so that today, the Jacobs are back on their feet, working toward a better future.

Donate to Karmey Chesed now and get your tax deduction for 2018

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Like King David against Goliath, Small Organization works Hard to Wipe Out Suffering in a Big Way

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

The phone of Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, is ringing off the hook. People from all over Israel are preparing for the upcoming Passover holiday and do not know how they will manage.

"The most urgent phone calls are from people asking for help to get Passover matzah and food staples," Weingarten told Breaking Israel News. "But, we are also fielding calls from individuals desperate to fix or replace their broken refrigerator or worried that their electricity will be turned off before the holiday for lack of payment."

Karmey Chesed is a small, Israel-based charity organization. Run from the home of Weingarten, the organization does all that it can to minimize overhead costs while maximizing its ability to help as many needy people as possible.

"We make every effort to save every shekel that we can in order to best fulfill the needs of the people who contact us," shared Weingarten. "Everyone knows the saying, ‘A shekel saved is a shekel earned.' At Karmey Chesed, we say it a bit differently. ‘A shekel saved in overhead cost is another shekel we use to help those who need it most.'"

Ethiopian Lone Soldier, Struggling under Aliyah Pressures, Reaches Out

By Zev Dov Klein, Breaking Israel News

According to a report by the Bank of Israel, about 51.7 percent of Ethiopian Israeli families live under the poverty line, in comparison with only 15.8 percent of Israeli families in general. These families left Ethiopia for numerous reasons, including their love for the Holy Land and religious, social, and economic opportunities.

Unfortunately, the Ethiopian community has had a hard time adapting to life in Israel. Although there are notable exceptions, such as Adenko Sabhat Haimovich and Esther Tapeta Gradi, two Ethiopian women who serve as judges in the court system, and Lt. Col. Avi Yitzhak, who became the first Ethiopian Israeli to graduate from the IDF's Brigade Commander course and the first Ethiopian Israeli to ever serve as a combat doctor, a large proportion of Ethiopian Israelis work as unskilled and contracted laborers, defined as the "working poor."

Impoverished Newlywed IDF Soldier gets Heartwarming aid from Karmey Chesed

By Zev Dov Klein, Breaking Israel News

Struggling is nothing new for a soldier. This is especially true for an IDF soldier who has to struggle daily against the true and present dangers of terrorist attacks and the very real constant threat of war.

But for some, the struggle doesn't stop with the call to arms in order to protect their beloved homeland. They struggle with day-to-day living as well. A combat soldier's pay in the IDF is only 1,616 NIS (about $420) a month.

Silent PTSD Terror Victims Struggle to Start New Life

By Zev Dov Klein, Breaking Israel News

According to statistics published by the Israel Security Agency at the end of 2013, since the start of the second Intifada, 1,227 people have been killed by Palestinian terrorism and 8,549 were wounded.

But this doesn't account for people who were injured psychologically. A recent study found that 9.6 percent of Jewish residents in Jerusalem who directly experienced terrorism and 6.7 percent of those indirectly exposed to terrorism suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Karmey Chesed: Building a World of Loving-Kindness

By Zev Dov Klein, Breaking Israel News

With 1.7 million people in the Holy Land living below the poverty line, there is no loss of opportunity for God's constant mercy. One of the forerunners helping in this divine cause is a nationwide organization called Karmey Chesed, founded and directed by Aryeh Weingarten. With a full staff of volunteers, it has helped and continues to help thousands of people in need of their assistance.

Although this task is big, the Karmey Chesed team are always up to the challenge."When someone asks for help, how can I turn him away empty-handed?" Weingarten humbly asked Breaking Israel News.

Destruction of Gush Katif Jewish Communities also Destroyed many Lives

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Eleven years ago, the Israeli government forcefully removed nearly 10,000 Israeli citizens from 21 neighborhoods in the southern region of the country with hopes that this act would bring peace to the region. At the time, Gush Katif was a thriving farming region with significant exports of fruits, vegetables and flowers which significantly aided Israel's economy.

"Gush Katif had no less than 400 farms in its heyday," explained Aryeh Weingarten, founder of Karmey Chesed charity organization to Breaking Israel News. "With great effort, bravery and hopes to return to what was, some evacuees tried reestablishing 50 farms in their new locations. Of these, 50 percent have already gone bankrupt, leaving just 25 still active ‘Gush Katif' farms."

When Help is Needed, Karmey Chesed is There

By Avital Wineapple, Breaking Israel News

Karmey Chesed is a small Israel-based charity organization with a big heart. Its innovative programs are aimed at helping as many people as possible, from struggling families to IDF soldiers.

Miracle Bible Quiz Champion living in Poverty

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

In 2013, against all odds, 16-year-old Elior Babian, a student from an impoverished family with medical issues, was crowned Israel's high school Bible Quiz champion among an array of firsts and miracles.

The 2013 Bible Quiz was the 50th year of this special event, the jubilee year. It is held annually on Independence Day and is considered the ultimate test of encyclopedic Biblical knowledge. Jewish students come from around the globe to compete.

Family of Israeli Hero Killed in Suicide Bombing Attack Drowning in Debt

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

On March 29, 2002, during Israel's second intifada, 18-year-old female suicide bomber Ayat al-Akhras blew herself up at the entrance to a supermarket in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat HaYovel. The supermarket was filled with pre-Passover holiday shoppers.

Due to the heroism of 55-year-old Haim Smadar, the store's security guard, only he and one other victim, 17-year-old Rachel Levy, were murdered along with the terrorist. Twenty-eight people were injured.

Gush Katif: 11 Years Later, Israel Still Suffers

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Eleven years ago, 2,000 families had their lives uprooted by the Israeli government when they were expelled from Gush Katif in southern Israel and the northern Shomron. About 9,000 hardworking Israeli citizens were told that the government was perfectly prepared to complete this action in one day. Yet over a decade later, many of these families still lack permanent housing and adequate jobs.

"Karmey Chesed has always held that it is a national responsibility to help Gush Katif refugees," explained Aryeh Weingarten, Founder of Karmey Chesed, to Breaking Israel News. "We cannot forget those who gave everything to the state and lost it all."

In 2005, the government of Ariel Sharon voted to unilaterally disengage from Gush Katif, which was located in the Gaza Strip, in hopes that the move would bring peace to the region. This August marks the 11th anniversary since the disengagement.

Leaving Behind a Legacy by Helping Thousands

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Steven Grable, an American Christian war veteran, has a big heart for Israel and the Jewish people. He recently contacted Karmey Chesed, a small Israel-based charity known for its big heart, in order to include the organization in his will.

"I am a retired Vietnam war vet living in Florida," Grable explained to Breaking Israel News. "I am finalizing my will and wanted to do something for God's children in Israel. So I am including Karmey Chesed in my will as a benefactor."

Grable is a retired businessman who became a born-again Christian about 35 years ago. Through his connection to God and his strong belief that God wants people to help the Holy Land and its people, Grable sought an Israeli organization which helps the poorest of poor in the country.

Destitute Ethiopian Mother Saved by Caring Organization True to its Word

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Since the mass immigration of Ethiopians to Israel started in 1984 with Operation Moses, the Holy Land has been faced with the enormous challenge of integrating these Jews. Coming from a third-world country, generally uneducated and working in agriculture, the nearly 135,500 Ethiopians who live in Israel today have had to adapt to major cultural and social differences.

Adia (a pseudonym) arrived in Israel two years ago through one of the last Israeli transports from Ethiopia. Divorced and destitute, she was already the mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old son.

"Adia not only had no formal education and could not read or write, she also had no material possessions," said Aryeh Weingarten, Founder of Karmey Chesed charity organization, to Breaking Israel News. "It's hard enough to have to acclimate to a new country and modern living with all of its technology. Living in a bare apartment was more than anyone could handle."

A Miracle Meeting Saved this Sick Child

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Having a sick child is devastating. Maintaining a large family while caring for a sick child can put anyone over the edge.

"When my son got sick and had surgery for a very serious heart condition, our world turned upside-down," Avraham Schneider (pseudonym) told Breaking Israel News. "I have never asked for help from anyone and here we were not able to pay our bills and not knowing from where help would arrive."

Schneider, a teacher and the father of a large Israeli family, found himself knocking on doors begging for money. A dignified and pleasant looking man, it was clear that he was out of his element.

"Following his surgery, my son needs round-the-clock supervision because it is dangerous for him to get sick or even to get a minor cut," he continued. "We had no choice but to have my wife leave her job to care for him. My salary alone is not nearly enough to maintain my family and we accrued many debts."

Desperate for Savior, Ethiopian Soldier Turns to Karmey Chesed

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Twenty-three year old Moshe Solomon (pseudonym) carries the weight of his large family on his shoulders. Originally from Ethiopia, he is one of six children, all of whom live with their single mother.

"We moved to Israel in 2002," he told Breaking Israel News. "But our father stayed in Ethiopia and we no longer have contact with him."

Though robust in Ethiopia, the stress of maintaining a family alone in a foreign land was more than Moshe's mother could handle. Today, she suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, weight control issues and is trying to recover from breaking her ribs. When analyzing the ribs, radiologists spotted two tumors.

"My siblings and I had to learn to take care for each other when our mother got so sick," explained Moshe to Breaking Israel News. "Who did we have to turn to?"

Israel: High in Happiness, Low in Income

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Following the latest report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in which Israel ranked low in income and high in poverty, it might come as a surprise that, once again, general satisfaction from its citizens also received a high score.

"Israel has a built-in sense of community," explained Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, a small Israel-based charity organization with a big heart, to Breaking Israel News. "Through our innovative programs are aimed to help as many people as possible while keeping overhead costs low. We strive to be part of Israel's close-knit society in order to increase happiness in the lives of lonely and impoverished people."

How a Broken Refrigerator Turned their Lives Upside Down

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Miriam Cohen did not know what else to do to help her struggling family. The Israeli mother of nine children was living in squalor and drowning in debt.

"My husband only makes a minimum salary," she explained to Breaking Israel News. "I try to work as much as I can but it doesn't bring in very much money."

Miriam's son heard about an organization called Karmey Chesed which strives to help anyone in need, as much as their resources will allow. "Hearing about Karmey Chesed gave me hope that help would soon be arriving," said Miriam. "I jumped from joy upon the news and immediately contacted Aryeh Weingarten, the Director of the organization."

Saying "I Do" to a Groom in Need

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

The joyful feeling before a wedding is usually contagious. However, for people struggling to make ends meet, or those with no family to rely on for help and support, greeting this special day with a smile is difficult.

Shraga, a soldier in the Israeli army, was faced with just that situation. Shraga is from an ultra-Orthodox Israeli family where Bible studies are encouraged and joining the army is discouraged.

His brothers before him all attended a prestigious yeshiva (Jewish seminary) and succeeded in their studies. Hoping for the same outcome, Shraga followed suit. Unfortunately, he found the studies too challenging and struggled socially.

Realizing that he could better serve the Holy Land and its people by protecting both, he left the seminary and joined the Israeli army (IDF). "You can't image my parents' disappointment when I left yeshiva," Shraga told Breaking Israel News. "They were heartbroken as this went against the expectations of our community."

To his great despair, he was cut off from his family, forcing him to move into a "Bayit HaChayal" (soldiers' home). "I was living with other soldiers estranged from their families or soldiers who moved to Israel by themselves and are defined as lone soldiers in Israel," he explained.

How a Special-Needs Youth became an IDF Soldier, Husband and Father

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

When the phone rings or a text message is delivered to Karmey Chesed, an Israel-based, full service charity organization, staff jumps into gear to do whatever they can to help. With its innovative programs aimed at assisting as many needy people as possible, Karmey Chesed's good name is spreading throughout Israel.

Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, humbly shared some of the heart-wrenching stories which arrive at this organization's door. "Several times a day, Karmey Chesed is contacted with pleas to help destitute families and lone soldiers," he shared with Breaking Israel News.

Karmey Chesed is skilled at aiding as many people as they can on a shoestring budget. "The needs are endless and the requests are constant," noted Weingarten. "Every shekel that comes in becomes holy to us and to the people who are helped through donations made to Karmey Chesed. Whatever we get is used to the best of our abilities in the most efficient way."

After Losing Everything, Lives of Former Gush Katif Residents are Slowly Rebuilt

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Azriel Shacham is a man of faith. Living in Israel's southern Gush Katif community of Neve Dekalim with his wife and nine children before the Israeli government turned the area over to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2005, Shacham has had to rebuild his life from scratch.

"From the nearly 9,000 Gush Katif residents who were expelled from their homes, there were basically three ways people handled the situation," explained Shacham to Breaking Israel News. "One group moved out of the area before the expulsion on their own volition. The second group completed the governmental paperwork but didn't really believe that it was going to happen so they waited until the army came to take them out. The third group, which I belonged to, never believed we would be thrown out of our own homes and didn't physically prepare. We had faith that our prayers would overturn the decree."

When an IDF Soldier Found himself Destitute, a Small Israeli Charity Stepped Up

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Those who have experienced the work and dedication of Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, a small, Israel-based charity organization with a big heart, state that he is an amazing man who does all that he can to help those in need. "When someone asks for help, how can I turn him away empty handed?" Weingarten humbly asked Breaking Israel News.

Helping Wherever Help is Needed, One Israeli Charity is Working Around the Clock to Support the Needy

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

With Israel's latest National Insurance Institute finding that 1.7 million Israeli citizens live below the poverty line, expecting that an individual can make a difference to someone's life of hardship might seem an impossibility. Yet, for Aryeh Weingarten, Director of the Karmey Chesed charity organization, working around-the-clock to provide for Israel's needy is something he cannot walk away from.

Karmey Chesed is a small, Israel-based charity with an all volunteer staff. This keeps overhead costs down and assures that donated funds go directly to helping those in need.

"Desperate people call me day and night," shared Weingarten to Breaking Israel News.

IDF Soldier Living in Squalor Receives Life Changing Help

By Tsivya Fox, Breaking Israel News

Following two mass immigrations from Ethiopia to Israel in 1984 and 1991, and a continuous flow of smaller groups since then, the gap between thriving Ethiopians compared to the general Israeli population has repeatedly made front page media reports. The good news is that the second generation of Ethiopian Israelis are thriving.

Yet, the income of an Ethiopian households is generally 35 percent lower than that of an average Israeli household if they are employed. Therefore, it came as no surprise to Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, when he received an urgent phone call from an IDF social worker concerning an Ethiopian soldier's struggling family.

Karmey Chesed Helps Past Terror Victims Suffering from PTSD get back on their Feet

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

One of the many charitable activities in which the Israeli organization Karmey Chesed is involved is helping victims of terror attacks. The organization doesn't help only the victims of recent attacks, but provides ongoing assistance, both financial and material, to victims of past terror battling emotional demons as a result of the attacks.

Unfortunately, terrorism in Israel is not new; violence against Jews in the region pre-dates the Jewish state, and has not ceased since Israel's inception. Some victims of terror suffer more from the psychological impact of terror, such as emotional trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), than from physical violence.

However, since these victims are not physically handicapped, they are disqualified from being designated as disabled, preventing them from receiving help via government channels. Often those whose cases are severe enough to qualify do not receive enough help to be able to support themselves or lead normal lives.

In Difficult Times, Karmey Chesed Steps in to make Newlywed Couples in Israel feel at Home with Dignity

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

Amid the continuing escalation of terror attacks perpetrated by Palestinian assailants against Israelis, Karmey Chesed is stepping in to make sure that newlywed couples have what they need to begin their new life together properly.

"With the painful and tough security situation that is going on today, a little bit of help for a new couple really makes them joyous and helps them with their internal peace of mind," said Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, to Breaking Israel News. "Financial difficulties often can upthe peace in a household," he continued. "We try our best to alleviate that."

Ray of Light in the Darkness: Struggling Newlywed Couple in Israel Receive Peace of Mind

By Raphael Poch,

As the number of terror attacks against Israelis across the country continues to climb, it is very difficult to find a ray of light amidst the pain that many feel as a result of these attacks. Karmey Chesed is working to change that by diverting whatever resources are available to helping newlywed families begin their new lives with some financial assistance and peace of mind.

IDF Soldiers Post-Army get Boost from Israeli Charity Organization

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

As mandatory military service in the IDF winds down, many soldiers worry about readjusting to a non-military life in which, for perhaps the first time, young men and women must stand on their own feet. Israeli charity organization Karmey Chesed has begun a new program to help veteran soldiers, newly released from their time in the Israeli Defense Forces, gather the essentials they need to make the transition to civilian life.

Often, discharged soldiers choose to go on an extended trip abroad to clear their minds before heading back to Israel to reinitiate themselves into Israeli civilian life. But that beginning can be fraught with financial hardship, especially for soldiers who lack a stable home environment or who have never provided for themselves before.

Terror Wave Sharpens the Need of Israel's Poor

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

In the face of ongoing and escalating terror in Judea and Samaria, Karmey Chesed is reaching out to help those who have been hardest hit financially.

As terror rises across the country, it has become much harder, especially for those who entered into this recent wave of terror in financial hardships, to continue to support themselves and their families. Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed charity organization, has been travelling to different communities around Judea and Samaria to provide financial support and a bit of relief where it is needed most.

"When you have a store and people are afraid to go to your store because of the security situation, you lose a lot of income. However, your debts are still there. Those don't go away or take a break," he told Breaking Israel News. "The whole situation is much harder for those in need. They need to continue to make payments and continue to try to gather enough finances as they normally would, in a situation in which that is almost impossible to do."

Charity Oranization allows Farmers to Observe Shmittah without Financial Loss

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

With the end of the shmittah (sabbatical) year, Karmey Chesed is making a special effort to help farmers who are having financial difficulties as a result of keeping the biblical laws of shmittah.

The shmittah year can be a trying one for farmers in Israel who desire to adhere to the biblical commandments properly, as they are required to let their land lie fallow for the entirety of the year. Karmey Chesed is donating tens of thousands of shekels to shmittah farmers to help alleviate any financial hardship they may have incurred by keeping the sabbatical year.

Charity Organization in Israel Nullifies all Debts in Observance of Shmittah

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

As the shmittah year comes to a close, one of the most prominent charity organizations in Israel is observing a rare biblical commandment to nullify debts. Karmey Chesed, an organization which lends money to individuals who come from low income backgrounds, or who have fallen on hard times, will be enacting the biblical law to its full extent.

The observance of shmittah has several dimensions, one of which is the waiving of all outstanding debts, which is always done at the end of the shmittah year. In modern times, to help prevent economic difficulties, a halachic mechanism called pruzbul circumvents this loan amnesty. However, many rabbinic leaders believe that wherever one can follow the biblical rule, it is best to do so.

Karmey Chesed Helps Destitute Family Keep Hope

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

Karmey Chesed has begun a crowdfunding campaign to help a destitute Jewish family living in Israel. The campaign, which uses a pseudonym to protect the privacy of the family, is not something that the organization does for every family that they help. Due to their dire need, this family has warranted special attention which goes beyond the general help that Karmey Chesed usually offers.

Repairing the Wounds of Gush Katif through "G-d's Work"

By Raphael Poch, Breaking Israel News

Ten years ago, the government of Israel made a unilateral decision, now widely criticized, to disengage from the Gaza Strip, forcing approximately 9,000 Jews to leave their homes with the intention of calming tensions in the Gaza area and giving Palestinians a place of their own. The move has since been condemned both in terms of the security issues that arose, including three armed conflicts, and in terms of how the government treated the evacuees.

Eitan Shimoni, son of the former head of Gush Katif regional council Avner Shimoni, told Breaking Israel News about some of the struggles that the evacuees faced in the aftermath of the expulsion. "The government took a lot of very pro-state, pro-Israel people out of their homes and simply left them by the wayside, with nothing," he said. Some of the examples Shimoni gave are heart-rending stories describing the disenchantment of a generation.

Victims of the Peace Process: Gush Katif 10 Years Later

By Abra Forman, Breaking Israel News

For many former Gush Katif residents, the day of the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, 10 years ago next month, was the day they lost all faith and trust in the Israeli government.

"There's a lot of bitterness" remaining, said Oreet Segal, a former resident of the Gush Katif community of Ganei Tal. "The government promised a lot of things, but it was just a PR stunt."

The ordeal began in 2003, when the Israeli Knesadopted then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's unilateral disengagement plan. In an effort, later proved fruitless, to "unfreeze" the peace process with the Palestinians, Sharon proposed a plan to withdraw all Israeli presence from Gaza, including dismantling the 21 communities which had been part of a settlement bloc built in the 1970s and 1980s.

The plan was adopted by the Knesset, and the deadline for evacuation was for August 15, 2005. Immediately, there was an enormous outcry from the 8,500 residents of Gush Katif, as well as many Israelis who disagreed with the plan. They wrote petitions, held protests, and begged the government to reconsider.

A Decade Later, Gush Katif Evacuees Still Struggling to Rebuild their Lives

By Abra Forman, Breaking Israel News

Ten years after the Israeli disengagement from Gaza, thousands of former Gush Katif residents are still struggling to rebuild their lives.

Gush Katif, which was a bloc made up of 21 Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip, was evacuated as part of the 2005 Israeli disengagement plan from Gaza, intended to help pave the way to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

8,500 people lived and worked in Gush Katif, mainly in agriculture, with hundreds of acres of hothouses that provided a large portion of the country's crops and flowers. Every single resident were forced out, with their homes and communities destroyed during the withdrawal.

Giving a Future to At-Risk-Youth in Israel

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

The statement "Our children are our future" is not one that is foreign to most people. In Israel, extra care is placed upon the next generation in almost every aspect of society, from interior infrastructure, to unique laws providing free daycare for all children up to age three. So why are almost 15 percent of youth in Israel considered to be at-risk?

3,000 Children in Need from Israel to Gather in Unique Lag B'Omer Event

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

There are many children who live in need throughout Israel. What is worse is that many of them don't have to.

Among the children who are most in need are those whose families were expelled from Gush Katif in 2005. Families who were productive, self supporting and contributing members to society had everything ripped away from them by the government all in the name of a peace which never occurred and a political move that created havoc for Israel's security for the past decade.

On Passover, Who Will Feed Israel's Poor?

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

As the holiday of Passover quickly approaches, one of the important aspects of the holiday is to fulfill the biblical commandment of giving charity so that the poorer among the nation of Israel may have enough means to purchase all of the food they need for the holiday.

The Bible commands the Jewish nation to eat unleavened bread, or matzah, for seven days. As the price of matzot (plural of matzah) as well as wine and other staples for the holiday can be very costly, each person, no matter how rich or poor, is commanded to partake of the seder night and feast.

The custom accepted by most homes in Israel and abroad is to eat handmade, specially watched matzot for the seder night and use the cheaper, machine made matzot for the remainder of the holiday.

Purim Miracles Happening Now in Israel

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

Shlomo Yarimi of Yad Binyamin, a small town along Israel's coastal plain, runs an organization handing out free food and used furniture to those in need.

Yarimi's gemach, or benefit society, was originally founded in Gush Katif prior to the disengagement in 2005. When forced from the area, Shlomo Yarimi's family, along with some 9,500 people, had to pick up and start their lives over in a new place.

Even though he was no longer living in Gush Katif, Yarimi vowed to continue his humanitarian work and help Gush katif refugees as well as others in Israeli society.

A Hero Among Us: Battling for Israelis in Need

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

In the face of rising poverty in Israel, where one in six families goes deeper into debt every month and cannot cover their cost of living, one organization is stepping in to help the myriad of need families across the country.
Aryeh Weingarten, Director of Karmey Chesed, explained to Breaking Israel News how the rising cost of living in Israel has led to overwhelming calls for help from his organization.

Karmey Chesed helps people in any way they need. From providing small loans to pay electricity bills to delivering food packages to hungry families to help pay for therapy of terror victims, Karmey Chesed is on the front lines, battling the rising needs of families across the country.

After Effects of a Terror Attack: How PTSD Rips Apart Families

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

On August 19, 2003, an Arab terrorist blew himself up on a public bus in Israel, killing 23 people and injuring 130 more. Many of the people killed and injured were children while others were expectant mothers. All were commuters on their way home from praying at the Western Wall.

The horrific attack, like all other similar attacks during the Second Intifada, left its mark on Israeli society whose ramifications are still being felt today.

One woman who was on the street near where the bus exploded suffered only shock then, but has never been the same since. Rachel* suffers from continuous emotional trauma as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is unable to work properly or even talk about the event ever since.

On Hannukkah, A Special Delivery of Holiday Cheer to IDF Soldiers

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

On an IDF army base close to the southern border with Egypt, like many other army bases, soldiers work around the clock to protect Israel from would be enemies. On the second night of Hanukkah, Karmey Chesed organized a holiday celebration for the soldiers on this remote base, one which filled them all with holiday cheer.

"We have to take into account that there are a lot of people who want to make the soldiers happy around the times of the holidays, but some of the soldiers who are further away are often forgotten," says Rabbi Moshe Pizer, a volunteer who worked with Karmey Chesed to organize the event.

"We took it upon ourselves to head down to a base on the southern border with Egypt. We arrived with a lot of energy, menorahs, food, music and a lot of good cheer and we brightened their holiday," he said.

In an interview with Breaking Israel News, Pizer told of the joy that the soldiers felt. "I said a few words to thank the soldiers for their service to the country and for our protection. We lit candles, we danced, we had a lot of food, and the soldiers loved it."

When a Hero Needs Saving

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

On October 27th, 2002 terrorists entered the gas station outside of the city of Ariel in Samaria, attempting to detonate a bomb on a bus full of commuters. The bus driver together with the owner of a nearby hotel successfully intervened and prevented the terrorist from detonating the bomb. A soldier who was on the bus at the time shot the terrorist, and accidentally hit the bomb which partially detonated, causing severe injuries to the driver.

This is the story of "M" who 12 years after the terror attack is still undergoing continuous medical treatments and surgeries for the injuries he acquired while saving the lives of a bus full of people.

"We're not talking about a person who is simply down on his luck," said a spokesman at Karmey Chessed, the organization who is helping "M" cover some of his medical bills and supporting his family while he is unable to work due to his disabilities and worsening medical condition. "We are talking about a hero. "M" saved the lives of everyone on that bus that day, and he deserves the help he needs to live as normal of a life as possible. It is the least that we can do for him," said the spokesman.

Poverty Stricken IDF Soldiers Find Salvation

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

Recently a group of IDF combat soldiers from an unnamed unit claimed that they "have nothing to eat" when they return home from their bases. The letter was addressed to IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The soldiers pleaded with Israeli leadership to provide extra financial support for combat soldiers in need.

The IDF responded by stating that they put incredible resources at the disposal of the human resource officers in each unit in order to combat this specific problem. An IDF official also stated that, "We are aware of the problem of hungry soldiers in the IDF."

On the ground, one particular organization that is spearheading the drive to help IDF soldiers in need as well as many others who are suffering from financial difficulties is Karmey Chesed.

IDF Soldiers Facing New Type of War: Poverty

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

In what appears to be a growing trend of letter writing by groups of soldiers regarding pressing social issues, a letter was published last week by a group of IDF combat soldiers from an unnamed unit, claiming that they "have nothing to eat" when they return home from their bases.

The letter was addressed to IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and asked for extra financial support for combat soldiers in need.

Karmey Chessed, an organization that helps provide IDF soldiers who are having financial difficulties with basics such as food, furniture, clothing and even monetary gifts, has been aware of the problem voiced in the letter and has been working to combat it for quite some time.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Israel

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

'M' made aliyah from Canada 20 years ago. Since then he has been working throughout the entirety of his time in Israel, and yet still found himself and his family living in poverty and in serious need of financial assistance.

Things got so bad for 'M' that at one point a creditor had sent a mafia style thug to make an attempt on his life if he did not pay back the amount he owed. Thanks to one organization, Karmey Chessed, not only was 'M' able to settle things with that creditor, but over a long process he has been able to get back onto his feet and stop being a victim of the "cycle of poverty" as he calls it.

Some Wounds of Gush Katif Too Deep to Heal

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

Some wounds are too deep and too painful to heal.

Losing one's home, livelihood, neighborhood, friends, and even one's way of life all because of a governmental decree can be one such wound, and is one such wound for many of the deportees from Gush Katif.

Add to that loss the deplorable way in which the government at the time, as well as successive governments have pretty much ignored the continuing problems that they have inflicted upon the evacuees, many have found it extremely difficult if not impossible to find gainful employment.

Back from Gaza, One IDF Unit Receives a Special Surprise

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

As the fighting with Hamas in Gaza continues into its fourth week, some rays of sunshine are sprouting forth amidst the clouds of conflict. Last week Wednesday, IDF soldiers, many of whom come from disadvantaged or low income families, received a special surprise.

IDF Soldiers Secret Battle at Home

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

Karmey Chesed, a non-profit organization whose goal it is to help those in Israel who are in need attain a basic standard of living, has recently join forces with the IDF to help those soldiers and their families in need.

One particular combat brigade is made up of soldiers who come from low-income families. Majority of the 250 soldiers have little or no food to eat when they return home on leave and live in unfurnished homes because they have no money for basic furniture.

This brigade recently reported for duty in the south of Israel together with thousands of other soldiers as part of Operation Protective Edge. They are currently awaiting orders in a temporary base on the periphery of Gaza, and like the rest of the region, are constantly under the threat of rocket fire from terrorists in Gaza.

Vineyards of Kindness: Helping Israel's Needy, Cluster by Cluster

By Rafi Poch, Breaking Israel News

Karmey Chesed, which translates into "vineyards of kindness," is an organization that has made it its mission to help all of Israel's needy. A fitting analogy when one stops to think about it. A vineyard is a collection of many singularities, each one needing its own special attention. When dealing with a charity whose mission is to help all the needy in Israel, it is important not to lose focus of the individual when trying to solve a nation wide problem.

In today's fragile economic world, people in Israel need financial assistance more than ever. Whether it be covering the cost of medical bills, paying off loans and debt, to large expenses like marrying off a child, Aryeh Weingarten, Founder and Director of Karmey Chesed explains that the situation "is only getting worse."

All donations in Israel to Karmey Chesed are tax deducible and have clause 46 status. Registered Non-Profit Number 580431138
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