A rabbi who spends his days helping the underprivileged used his special insight to interpret current events, most notable recent cases of massive flooding, and, of course, the pandemic, as parts of the two-stage end-of-days process that will culminate in the Third Temple.


Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten has been working his entire life to helping others, leading a unique charitable organization

“Israel and the world are undergoing an unprecedented upheaval as never before seen developments take place,” Rabbi Weingarten began. “This started with the Coronavirus pandemic which led to even greater changes.”

The rabbi compared it to similar events in the Bible, most notably the flood in the generation of Noah.  Rabbi Weingarten cited a verse from Genesis.

This is the line of Noach.—Noach was a righteous man; he was blameless in his age; Noach walked with HashemGenesis 6:9

Rabbi Weingarten referred to the explanation of this verse by Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, a 16th century Torah scholar known as the Maharal of Prague. 

“The Maharal explained this verse as meaning that Noah and his sons, who represented all of mankind, were ‘walked with Hashem’, meaning that they went in the ways of God, which were the laws of nature. All of mankind was instructed to obey God via the laws of nature.”

Rabbi Weingarten explained that the laws of nature are represented by the number seven, which is why the world was created in seven days. 

“The six, which represents all directions, and then the seventh, which is the Shabbat, which brings the neshama, the soul into the center of reality.”

“The sons of Noah and all of mankind, all of the 70 nations that came from them were commanded to serve God through nature, through the seven Noahide laws,” he explained. “But Israel is commanded to transcend nature,”  “This began with Abraham circumcising himself and his sons on the eighth day, one day more than the creation of the world. All the nations come to Jerusalem for the seven days of Sukkoth but Israel completes the feast with Shemini Atzeret, the eighth day which is only for Israel.”

“The nations serve God through nature, as does Israel, but we complete them by transcending nature in the service of Hashem. We do this to be the intermediary, to be one step closer to God who is beyond nature.”

“That is why the Exodus began with wonders of nature in Egypt, the natural put phenomenal plagues. But for us to become Israel in the service of God, the redemption from Egypt transcended nature, first at the splitting of the sea, and then at Mount Sinai.”

“The Exodus was the template for the final redemption. First, the Messiah from the House of Joseph will prepare the land of Israel. This is a natural process. But this is just the preparation for the Messiah from the House of David, which will complete the Third Temple and establish the Davidic Dynasty. This will be an explicitly miraculous process that transcends nature.”

“When the Jews were in Israel, if a Jew was sick, he would pray. If there was an epidemic, we would bring a sacrifice. If we served Hashem properly, the rain would fall. Israel was able to access the transcendent aspect of serving Hashem until the Temple was destroyed and we were taken out of the land of Israel. We then were among the nations and like them, our service of God was restricted to the seven planes of nature.”


“We are now close to the arrival of the Messiah. We are in the process of redemption, just like the Jews just before they left Egypt. We have seen wonders of nature. There were massive floods in Europe and China, earthquakes, all kinds of natural phenomena. These are signs that nature is changing. With the coronavirus, we saw one virus shut down the entire world. This is astounding in an age when medicine is performing so many wonders.”

“This is moving us towards the stage of redemption when Israel connects to God by transcending nature, by going up to the level of eight. When Israel does this, when the Third Temple is present to allow us to access this conduit for serving Hashem, Israel can serve as it should, as a nation of priests to connect the world to Hashem.”

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