Lessons in Compassion

Yearly class outings may not seem to be very high up in the list of priorities for an emergency relief organization, but Karmey Chesed sees things differently. When a child attending a welfare residential program lacked the funds that would allow him to attend the yearly class trip, the concerned program director knew where to turn to for help. Karmey Chesed immediately processed the request for financial assistance, thus affording this child the chance to partake in a joy most children take for granted.

This story is far from unique. At Karmey Chesed, this unconventional approach is a trademark. A holistic appraisal of every individual's needs is crucial for determining what assistance will most further the wellbeing of every client. At Karmey Chesed, every referral is viewed as a person, first and foremost. In the same vein, founder and CEO of this organization Rabbi Aryeh Weingarten, strives to deliver assistance with dignity. A child lacking winter clothes, a father facing foreclosure, a young boy without the funds for a class trip, each is a human being forced to turn to help to meet their basic needs. At Karmey Chesed, aide is not merely practical. Sensitivity to the emotional turmoil each client faces just to reach out for help is appreciated no less than the financial need itself. Intrusive questions are kept to a minimum and a little extra is almost always provided. A child in need of a winter coat will receive some money for a warm hat, a child on a class trip will have enough to buy sweets for his outing, a breadwinner facing eviction will receive enough to cover his next payment with a bit to spare. At Karmey Chesed, stories are not statistics.
Karmey Chesed. Serving Israel's neediest with dignity.
Karmey Chesed is an internationally recognised charitable organization. Tax deductible receipts are available for the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, France and Australia.

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